We Hope Your Stay At Home | Coronavirus (COVID-19)

We Hope Your Stay At Home  Coronavirus (COVID-19)
" It's Not Curfew It's Care For You"

As per the request from our Hon'able Prime Minister, you all are requested to participate, follow & accept Janta Curfew on this day 22/03/2020 from 7.00 am to 9.00 am. Hereby keeping yourself inside your houses.

Secondary on the same day at 5.00 pm for 5 minutes, let us salute those who are working day & night to help us fight Coronavirus. And in there honor
clap for them for these 5 minutes. Soliciting your co-operation in this regard !!

What will be the result of Janata Curfew?

It is medically believed and checked that the Coronavirus's life at one place is 12 hours and the Janata Curfew is for 14 hours, so the places or points of public contact areas where the virus may live and spread will be isolated and not be touched for 14 hours.

This will break the chain of the virus from spreading. What we get after the 14 hours curfew will be a safe country.

So self-discipline and 100% voluntary mass social isolation will be beneficial to all us and our country. So let's all follow this Janata Curfew  Thank You ;)

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